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How does it work?

The panels on your roof converts the suns energy into electricity to be used to power your home. Unused energy can be sold back to the grid to increasing your savings

Why Solar?

Solar is a renewable energy source that isn't just a terriffic investment for you and your family, but for the enviroment as well. It can't get any greener.

Energy of the future

In the future, solar energy is expected to be the number one source of electricity for homes and businesses in the UK and all of Europe.

What does it cost?

Your solar package is priced based on a few factors, for example where you are located, roof size and output and a more. Below you can find some example packages with rough estimates to give you an idea.


We take care of everything.
We offer turnkey solar panel solutions across the entire UK

Smaller House

fr £2999
  • 7 Panels
  • Complete installation
  • Ready to use

Mid-sized House

fr £3499
  • 10 Panels
  • Complete Installation
  • Ready to use

Bigger House

fr £4199
  • 14 Panels
  • Complete Installation
  • Ready to use


  • All types of businesses
  • Full consultancy and installation
  • Ready to use

Not sure? No worries, get in touch with us and we'll give you an exact quote for your house or business

We offer great possibilites to finance your project


Some of our satisfied customers

Barry Ashcroft
Barry Ashcroft
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I have been looking at Solar panels for years and the wait has been worth it. I am delighted with the installation from the Smart Group with not only the quality of the work but the professionalism of the installers. We now have a substantial reduction in energy requirements from the utilities and have also added value to our property in the process.
Michael Lang
Michael Lang
Glasgow, Scotland
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From the first enquiry made to them I have been delighted with their quality of service. From providing helpful information, to the subsequent site survey and finally the installation. Our installation was completed in a day even with the addition of storage batteries, solar optimisers and bird protection. I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the work was carried out.
Alan Ranking
Alan Ranking
Kingston Homes
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We have used Smart Group Scotland for our PV requirements for some time now. Their integrated, in-roof Solar PV systems not only allow our homes to meet the highest of carbon ratings; but they also blend in aesthetically due to their in-roof installation as opposed to surface mounted panels. The quality of the workmanship has always been top notch and the service is great.


Solar panels for all of the UK

UK Solar is a brand that was founded in the beginning of the solar revolution that has swept the entire world in the past decade. 

Our goal is to deliver the right solution for your home that both maximizes your savings and earnings, but also fits your wallet.

We have some of the UKs strongest brands connected to us in both suppliers and installers, you are in great hands.

With UK Solar Direct you have a safe and reliable partner that takes care of everything for you. After finding your ideal package  you just let us go to work and we will live you with a complete solar installation ready to go.

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